Jonathan Ingram

Year of Call: 1984

Jonathan is a specialist criminal barrister who prosecutes and defends serious criminal offences, including murder, serious assaults, violence and sexual offences. Jonathan has practised for over 30 years as a barrister at the Criminal Bar.

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Jonathan has practised entirely in Crime for more than 30 years. He acts as leading and junior counsel and has led for the defence in a number of manslaughter and money laundering trials.

Criminal Prosecutions - Private & Public & Criminal Defence

Jonathan has been instructed in very serious high profile criminal cases, and in particular he was instructed to represent Michael Stone (Chillenden murders) in both trials in October 1998 and September 2001, and at the Court of Appeal in 2001.

He represented a young man charged with the contract killing of an eight month pregnant woman.  Her husband was the co-defendant who was accused of ordering his wife’s murder. He represented a man at his trial who faced allegations that he had broken ten bones in the body of a three year old child - his step son.

In August 2002 Jonathan represented one of fifteen young men all charged with Prison Mutiny the first time such an allegation was tried.

Jonathan represented the man alleged to be ‘the inside man’ in the Tonbridge Robbery, which was the biggest ever cash robbery involving the theft of £53 million, taken from the Securitas depot in a commando-style raid.

Sexual Offences

Jonathan has defended in many Rape and serious sexual assault cases. Jonathan represented Joey Cooper in R v Schaub and Cooper The Times, December 3, 1993 C.A, which was at the time the leading authority on the use of screens in rape cases.

Professional Memberships

  • South Eastern Circuit.
  • Criminal Bar Association.

Cases of Note

R v Gale and Fuller

EWCA Crim 899 (Court of Appeal 2001)

R v Michael Stone

EWCA Crim 297 (Court of Appeal 2001)

R v H (NRJ)

EWCA Crim 2741 (Court of Appeal 2001)

R v D (John)

EWCA Crim 502 (Court of Appeal 2002)

R v Nguyen

EWCA Crim 1936 (Court of Appeal 2003)


EWCA Crim 1675 (Court of Appeal 2005) [2006] 1 Cr. App. R. (S.) 51

R v Roberts

EWCA Crim 2815 (Court of Appeal 2005)

R v Maxwell

EWCA Crim 2981 (Court of Appeal 2005)