Claire Cooper

Year of Call: 2002

Claire is a specialist in the field criminal fraud and has an eye for detail in large, multi-handed and complex cases. Claire also has expertise in serious sex and drugs cases. Claire has been commended for her trial advocacy, particularly in cases involving young and vulnerable witnesses.

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Claire practices in all areas of crime with a particular focus on fraud. She has significant experience of large, multi-handed and complex cases, whilst maintaining her expertise in serious sex and drugs cases.

Claire has acted in a number of multi-handed fraud cases including a 12-defendant conspiracy to steal/convert criminal proceeds and recently as counsel in a multi defendant case involving large mortgage frauds committed over a substantial period of time.  Claire has also acted on cases involving the fraudulent submission of VAT repayments in excess of £1.5m, car-ringing and the removal of criminal proceeds from the jurisdiction.  Claire prides herself upon meticulous case preparation and the ability to absorb and dissect complex fraud structures.

Claire was seconded to a private prosecution law firm specialising in “Fraud: white collar-crime” as in-house Counsel to deal with a complex Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) case worth in excess of £23m, involving a defendant in a foreign jurisdiction.

Claire is a Grade 2 prosecutor and has been instructed as Specialist Disclosure Counsel in large fraud cases.

Claire has considerable experience of rape and serious sexual offences prosecutions having prosecuted numerous rapes and cases concerning the sexual abuse of children. She has dealt with many cases involving historical sexual abuse and a number involving intermediaries.

Claire has been commended for her trial advocacy, particularly in cases involving young and vulnerable witnesses.  

Additional Information

Prior to joining the Bar as a practicing barrister, Claire worked for a number of years at the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office with a strong emphasis on multi-handed MTIC frauds.

Professional Panel Appointments

  • Claire is a Grade 2 prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Professional Memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association

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Claire is instructed by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and frequently defends those charged with benefit and/or mortgage fraud.

Cases of Note

R v E (2015)

Case concerning complex legal issue surrounding the definition of a disguised firearm within the Firearms Act 1968. Lengthy cross-examination of expert witness and successful conviction within minutes.

R v Horton (2014)

VAT fraud in excess of £1.5m. Submission of fraudulent claims for VAT repayments. False records

R v Baxter & Baxter (2013)

£2m fraud against Ministry of Defence (MOD).

R v Benn and Others (Op Sledgehammer) (2012)

12-handed conspiracy to steal/convert criminal property.

R v Wiggins (2012)

Prosecuted organised-crime robbery in Kent.

R v C (2012)

Prosecution of child-defendant; sexual contact with minor with learning disability.

R v DS (2011)

Prosecution counsel in case involving grandfather sexually assaulting granddaughter from the age of six.

R v AP (2011)

Prosecution counsel in case alleging penetrative abuse by Great Uncle on eight year old great niece.

R v JE (2008)

Defending client accused of raping the 16 year old, lesbian partner of his own daughter

R v SD (2008)

Junior counsel in prosecution of defendant who raped a mentally disordered complainant.

R v D & B (2009)

Prosecution of three-handed rape and kidnap of a prostitute.