Karl Masi was instructed as counsel for the Met Police in the largest operation by the newly formed National Economic Crime Centre in which applications were made for Account Freezing Orders to secure £3.6m in bank accounts pending investigation. The operation involved the Met Police, HMRC and the NCA all working together to freeze bank accounts suspected to be involved in criminal activity. 

The money in the accounts is suspected to be either the proceeds of crime or intended to be used for criminal purposes. The accounts are held mainly by overseas students studying in the UK who may be unaware that operating a bank account in this manner is potentially illegal. The accounts were identified by a bank as part of their anti-money laundering processes and officers from the NECC assessed that the students are likely to have been targeted by organised crime groups, specifically to launder the proceeds of crime.
Karl is a barrister developing a practice with a focus on financial crime and associated civil and regulatory proceedings. Karl has a developed knowledge of the various investigatory powers introduced by the Criminal Finance Act 2017. As a result, Karl is equally comfortable representing defendants and/or respondents and prosecuting authorities in the full range of financial crime matters.