John Oliver represented the defendant who was charged with raping his sister on multiple occasions in the 1970s, when both were children.  The only witnesses to what happened at that time were the defendant and complainant but the Crown relied on evidence of disclosures made by the complainant to a number of individuals over the years.  The defence case was that the allegations were wholly untrue. 

The jury unanimously acquitted the defendant after only 30 minutes’ deliberation.

John was instructed three days before the trial and met the client for the first time on day one of the ten-day trial. 

"You gave me confidence, you did not falter, you were very confident and calm in front of the judge, the prosecution and jury.  You made myself and my witnesses feel at ease and gave us all confidence."

Feedback from John's client.

John Oliver specialises in crime and extradition. John has particular experience in cases involving drugs, sexual offences (including historic allegations), serious violence and dishonesty. He has an interest in cases involving vulnerable defendants and witnesses and has been instructed in cases involving the use of intermediaries to assist defendants with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those with mental health conditions.